Saturday, 11 October 2014

Bali Holiday // Part One

There is nothing nicer after returning from an amazing 2 week holiday to Bali visiting my Dad than to go through all my photographs re-living the trip.

We spent 2 weeks with my Dad during which we enjoyed many great laughs and life changing experiences that I will treasure forever.

 Having done so much during our time away, I have decided to break our trip into 2 parts to share with you. So this is part one.

Our journey started here...

Jamie booked us a night flight from London Heathrow on a Saturday which was ideal as it meant we didn't have to wake up in the middle of the night and gave me the day to ensure everything was in order.

We started our mammoth journey dropping off our precious little MeeMoo's to her Nanny and Grandads and then headed to Jamie's parents who took us to the airport. 

I hated saying goodbye to everyone, especially my little bundle of fur and cried on and off all the way onto the plane. I still suffer with anxiety so travelling for me is a challenge but with the help of Jamie, I do manage to overcome my fears to enjoy life much more than I used to.

It's been a long time since I last flew from London Heathrow so I couldn't really remember the procedure of checking in and what the terminal looked like. We were lucky enough to be flying from the new terminal in Heathrow which was lovely and check in was so easy and quick. Before I knew it, we had finished our meal with Jamie's Mum and Dad, saying another emotional goodbye and through departures.

The flight was long. Very, very long. We flew Singapore airlines which are my personal favourite and enjoyed the entertainment package that was available to us in Economy. 

My Dad met us from the airport with my little 4 year old brother Daniel after nearly a day travelling in the air. I settled in very quickly and the next day we were round the pool planning our trips, drinking cocktails and playing cards. 

We visited Bali Safari and ticked off something that was on our bucket list straight away. Riding an elephant. Such gentle creatures and unbelievable intelligent. It was an amazing experience and we enjoyed every second of it. We spent all day holding exotic animals, eating great food and watching shows. 

Later on that week, Jamie and I visited Ubud and walked around the Monkey Forest. Pretty self explanatory, it is a forest full of cheeky wild monkeys that have a liking for expensive sunglasses and iPhones. Particularly the iPhone 5s in white ... only joking! But they are incredibly cheeky and will steal items from you in exchange for bananas. Yes, they actually barter with you for food. Having been there before when I was younger and having hair beads stolen from me, I kept our belongings in my bag and no monkey was going to get that off of me. We did however lose 2 bottles of water and were chased up the path by one little monkey. One even took a little nibble of Jamie's hand. So funny! 

Ubud was very busy and had so many shops to look into. Every shop owner had the gift of the gab. We did end up making one purchase of a handmade tissue box which takes pride of place in our home now. 

When we were not being chased by monkeys or riding elephants, we spent our time relaxing. I read a Before I go to sleep in 4 days and became a pro at playing Zombie daddy with my little brother. Basically, Dad is Zoombie daddy in the swimming pool and I have to save Daniel. Lol!

To be continued... Stay tuned for the second post in my Bali holiday series! 

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